ECC主催の国際美術展「Personal Structures」は2022年4月23日にBiennale Arteと同時に開始し予定通り7ヶ月の間2022年11月27日まで開催されます。
ヨーロッパ文化センターが以前主催した展覧会と今後開催予定の展覧会の一覧です。これらの展覧会の他に、ベネチアビエンナーレでは下記の国々のパビリオンも主催しました。クウェート、モンゴル、キリバス、モザンビーク、パキスタン、フィリピン。さらに、Fan LiJun、Thomas Zipp、Lawrence Weinerなどのアーティストや、GMP、Mies van der Rohe Foundationなどの建築団体の個展も主催しました。


The 2022 Venice Biennial Art exhibition “Personal Structures” will be held at the same time as Biennale Arte, from 23 April 2022 until 27 November 2022, it will run for 7 months. 

The exhibitions below are a selection from the exhibitions which were organised by the European Cultural Centre in the past and also mention future exhibitions. Besides these exhibitions we hosted also several National Pavilions at the Venice Biennale, such as from: Kuwait, Seychelles, Mongolia, Kiribati, Mozambique, Pakistan and the Philippines. In addition, we hosted solo presentations from artists such as Fan LiJun, Thomas Zipp and Lawrence Weiner as well as architecture organisations such as GMP and the Mies van der Rohe Foundation.

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