ECC-Japan主催の国際建築とデザイン展 Architecture & Design - Future for Japan 2022は

The opening of our 2022 Nagasaki Architecture & Design exhibition will be on April, 28th 2022.
The exhibition will run for over 3 months until July, 31st 2022. 

EXHIBITION TITLE   "Architecture & Design - Future for Japan 2022"
VENUE   Nagasaki Museum of History & Culture
LOCATION   Nagasaki,  Japan
HEAD ORGANISATION   European Cultural Centre - Worldwide
ORGANISER   European Cultural Centre - Japan
ORGANISERS   Yuki Asami & Valeria Romagnini
OPENING PERIOD   April 28th 2022 until July 31st 2022
PREVIEW   April 27th 2022
CONTACT   yuki@ecc-japan.eu & valeria@europeanculturalcentre.eu

Until the 1850s,  Japan experienced hundreds of years of isolation, until that time the only foreign relations from Japan were with China, Korea and the Netherlands. The Dutch had their trading post on Dejima, a small artificial island in the harbor of Nagasaki. 

For hundreds of years Nagasaki was the only major entrance port for foreign products and knowledge. As a result, Nagasaki became the centre for access to information on Western technology and science. 

Until today the effects of Japan's long period of national isolation can be felt. Being aware of this, the Japanese government is therefore continuing to try and stimulate an opening up to the west, without losing their own culture. 

As a consequence, we were asked by the Nagasaki Museum for History & Culture to organize an exhibition dedicated to new ideas in Architecture & Design. Ideas that can have a positive influence upon Japan.

In Japan, Nagasaki is still seen as the window through which it is to discover interesting new knowledge, new ideas in western developments.

ECC exhibitions are always non-profit and will show works, concepts, research results and ideas, the future, in an extraordinary combination. We hope that all presentations in the Japan 2022 exhibition will be of interest to Japanese Designers, Architects, Developers and all other architecture & design professionals.

In Japan 2022 we will present an international group of approx. 60 Architects and Designers with different cultural backgrounds and who are in different stages of their career, i.e. established Architects and Designers next to Architects and Designers whose works might be less known. A deciding factor is their individual approach. 

The Nagasaki Museum of History & Culture is one of the few museums in Japan devoted to the theme of "overseas exchange". Our more than 3 month-long exhibition will therefore attract a large and significant audience of professionals and all other interested visitors from around the world but mainly from Japan. 

Our exhibition in Nagasaki is focused on the latest achievements of each participating Architect and Designer, and the exhibition will consist of a wide variety of media: not only photos, objects, plans and models, but site-specific installations and videos as well.

In order to stimulate cooperation and dialogue, between Japan and the west, the exhibition spaces will operate actively as a meeting point between Architects, Designers, professionals, students, educational institutions and all other interested individuals.