ECCはクリエイティブなワークセンターを設立できる世界の数々の都市にサテライトを設置しています。各地では文化活動のためのネットワーク、展覧会、出版物、ビデオ、その他多くのプロジェクトの企画作成に携わっています。 ECCは現在、イタリア、オランダ、ロシア、米国、ベルギーおよび日本に地域事務所を設けています。ヨーロッパ文化センターのグローバルオフィスはオランダのアムステルダムにあります。

<ビデオインタビュー:時間·空間·存在 - 日本の参加者>

TIME·SPACE·EXISTENCEのビデオシリーズは、TIME·SPACE·EXISTENCEに関連する話題について語る著名な建築家やアーティストのインタビューを収録しています。このコンセプトは、私たちの周りにある世界の輪郭を描き出すと言えるものです。この3つの言葉を原点にECCイタリアでは現在、ベネチア建築ビエンナーレ(Time I Space I Existence)と題する第4回目になる展覧会を開催しています。







The European Cultural Centre

A cultural organization founded by the Dutch artist Rene Rietmeyer and originating back to 2002. Today we are a continuously growing group of mainly young people who like to make a positive difference, because we care. We care about humans and about what should happen with our world, about where we should go. Of course, we are aware that we can only make a small difference, but we want to do our best, doing nothing is not an option.

We created a dynamic organization which continues to establish more cultural centres devoted to cultural exchanges, worldwide organizing exhibitions, symposia and all kinds of cultural projects with Europeans and all others. This to create awareness, to strengthen our cultural commons, to cherish our uniqueness and to learn about the qualities within our differences.

We believe that progress is best made by raising a deeper awareness about serious topics. We try to bring people from very different cultures together in the hope that we will all learn from each other. Naturally we have our own opinions and we do like to promote our own values, values in which we strongly believe, but still we are a non-political and non-religious organization, open to all people, to all points of view, as long as they respect the freedom, the dignity and rights of every single living being.

Our own publications are an important part of our activities, by not only documenting our events and projects, but also by presenting different points of view, different ideas, from people originating from many different cultures. Our publications are raising awareness about the topics Time-Space and Existence, thus building up and making visible a platform for theoretical and artistic perspectives on culture.

The ECC-Netherlands is part of the larger European Cultural Centre worldwide Satellite network and benefits from all its global partnerships with educational and cultural, governmental and non-governmental institutions, like Museums, Foundations and several other private initiatives. The ECC is in the continued process of establishing Satelites in more cities in the world. Enlarging our network for cultural activities, the creation of exhibitions, publications, videos and many other projects. The ECC has today established centres in Belgium, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Russia and the USA. The European Cultural Centre headquarter is in the Netherlands. 

The ECC-worldwide Headquarter is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.